Written by The Reclining Gentleman and HastyWords

I’m tired of swimming towards a destination

Only to be told it’s in a different direction

Floating only lasts so long before

Hunger strikes and I must move on


My limbs tired, my lungs empty

My eyes trace the infinite horizon

Searching for an oasis of stable, solid ground

In this liquid desert of uncertainty


So near to drowning, I look around

Desperate to find another route

Then I see you, an angel born of the sea

Eyes reflecting waves of blue seeking me


Your arms reach out to me

Offering support and safety

Your heart a raft of protection

Inviting me inside its sanctuary


I rest awhile completely content

Assured by your trusting smile

Instead of threatening to end me

The waves gently console me


We drift inside our embrace

Our heartbeats stronger in unison

The ocean shrinks, shallows

And the distant land feels closer


In the distance I can see storms

But instead of fear I see beauty

We watch as the passing clouds

Give way to the next big sunrise



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