This duet is another piece by Tryst and me.  Friendship is beautiful when it comes so easily.  It is also beautiful how it can come in the most surprising ways.  We are further proof that it doesn’t take much to be loving friends!

Written by Tryst I couldn’t have said it better!  “Friendship is such a gift. It cannot be bought, it cannot be borrowed. Friendship cannot be forced, or faked. When two people have friendship, there is a love between them that is something to honor and nurture… You can’t predict life, you never know what’s going to happen. I never expected to find what I found in Miss Hasty, but she is a true friend. Life has crossed our paths, and here we are, building something great, reminding the world that good people are out there, and you never know when an angel will show up in your life! This piece is about the friendship between Hasty & Tryst!”




Written by Tryst and HastyWords

Watching my life

Like a slide show

Each frame passing me by

I sit beside you, you are always there

Helping to pick up my pieces


I see your face next to mine

Always smiling, always carefree

Time flew so fast with you by my side

I sit looking fondly at my life

Memories of you and me


I’ve crossed paths with so many

My life has brought me many souls

You were different, beautifully unique

Our chemistry meshed so well

I feel so connected with each word we speak


Most things went unspoken

But heard loud and clear

Our gift was felt without a touch

It was eternal and beautifully clear


The very presence of you

By my side and holding my hand

Completes me in the most wonderful way

Never could I replace the essence of you


You’re timeless, precious, in all that you say

Thank you for your simple beauty

That colors my each and every day

Thank you for being the one

I can count on in each and every way


You’re brilliant, genuine and walking kindness

You bring out the better inside of me

You are the reason for this song

I cherish your truth and your beautiful heart

Our friendship is real and unbreakable

When we are side by side or when we’re apart


 I know that no matter which road I take

Or how far away I may wander on my own

You will always be just a phone call away

Lifting me up, setting me straight, helping me

My eyes for me when all I see is black


When something as true and beautiful as you

Comes along, and together our bond is unbreakable

I am reminded that there are truly remarkable souls in this world

The magic of our connection

The love in our chemistry

The truth we speak, and

The honor we share as friends

I will be here for you, forever in time, until the very end!!

I love you dear friend!!

3 thoughts on “OUR PARALLEL SOULS

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