Colored by HastyWords

Colored by HastyWords

Written by Tyroper and HastyWords


Giants trod upon a grassy mound

Where arteries engorge the sky

Through pulsing fingers of pulp

Urged by sandaled stomping feet


Festival of Goliaths gather

Chanting among leaves of color

Shining both silver and gold

Begging for the twilights of old


Though gods throw them no coin,

They do pour golden mugs of mercy.

Then leaves drop from ancient trunks

And sprout healing where they fall.


Blazing swords swept the fields

In golden halo’s of fiery sun

Feeding not only the leafy seedlings

But bathing each in glittering light


There, twin suns face across the land

And though the robbing sun steals twilight

From the giants’ healing ritual,

A fragrant balm spreads from their hands


Ancient wisdom and belief respected

Granting reprieve from worry and doubt

Rejoicing in miracles of tradition told

New Titans now part of a tale centuries old



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