It amazes me how we are all connected and part of the same human conditions.  Nearly everyone can relate with heartbreak or maybe it’s just my age.  I guess if you live long enough your life is all the richer if you let your heart bleed along the way.  This poetic duet was done with my friend Matthew.  We are both searching in our own ways…for all life has to offer.


Written by Matthew Morales and HastyWords

At first the days felt so very long
Torment filled in where you ended
At first it felt like a desperate song
It was never what we intended
At first I didn’t know how to be alone
It was never something I expected
At first I didn’t know my own home
I felt so rejected
Left standing abandoned and alone
In the developing storm I stood
Left to save my own life
I found the strength to carry on
Left with no other choice I persevere
Left with memories of the storm I live
Left with worn out sacrifices
And a pocket full of empty regret
I lay my burdens down to be washed away
And I cry not out of weakness or frailty
But it’s strength I gain from all these tears
It’s a new life redeemed without the fear

12 thoughts on “IT’S UP TO ME

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      • Thank you! You are too! Isn’t is fun? Isn’t it great to be able to express in words!? I love to write.. I love to write with you.. I don’t get many visitors on Tryst, so I’m grateful for each one of my readers and I’m so very honored that you read my work! I like that piece too.. 🙂 I think is goes good with this one!


          • Whaaaat! Sooo many people see your blog Miss Hasty.. I think I may faint.. That is too kind, I’m so honored, flattered, I don’t know how to tell you.. If I could pop out of your computer and kiss you I would! You are so nice to me! Thank you!!

            As you know, I love to link your stuff on my site, only because it is so super good that I want to share it in any way I can! I think you’re so awesome and I’m wicked happy we have met & connected! Whooo 🙂


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