I have a few duet partners I love and Shruti is one of them.




Written by PassionWriting and HastyWords


I wish thoughts of you would disappear

Like heavy particles evaporating in air

You left me standing alone and confused

You never looked back, you never cared


I thought I would not give a damn

I thought I would crush all your memories

And yet even today my heart silently whispers

What if he comes back for you


I cried the tears to wash the pain away

But somehow it rejuvenates

It resurrects in each new day

Holding me back, stifling me


Even though it pains a lot

Even though the heart bleeds from within

Yet, hopelessly, it still beats to the melodies

We once together sung


I long for the smile that will make me forget

For the new memories that will bury the old

And it’s in this moment I recognize

The only way to move on…is to live again



  1. I love this. It creates a powerful emotional context, and the truth/honesty in the words make it almost painful to read (in a good way). Very beautiful, elegant, and passionately melancholy.


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