I stand at the edge of the river with my eyes closed convinced my tears had filled the ravine.  Time is passing but how quickly doesn’t matter it just is and I am passing right along with it.  Sitting here in this world where nothing mattered felt like home.  Your tears feel warm on my skin but I remain sitting in my world afraid to open my eyes in a place that I recall like the darkest of night.  Here where I sit tear drops dry like crystals sparkling in the blazing sunlight.  I watch leaves chasing each other from their canopies far above only to land and be swept away by the waters flow.  I feel the breeze galloping free in the open spaces surrounding me.  I admire the season’s beauty, its style, its confidence to just be true to its nature.  Your words, an echo in my ears, fill the sky I have created in my mind with rainbows but they keep fading leaving empty air.  Now and then I hear a foreign cry escape my lips but like a volcano letting off steam it gets absorbed by the atmosphere leaving no evidence it ever existed here. No promises, no expectations, no disappointments here.  You no longer have to worry about me, what to do about me, how to handle me because I have found a home here.  A home at last inside my head.

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