My brain has a bad habit of withholding information from my heart.  It has developed a severe superiority complex and doesn’t like to ask for help.  My heart and mind are supposed to be a team, work together, solve problems, to create a more stable me.  I have known they haven’t been getting along for a while now but the time has come for them to have a heart to mind conversation.

The dialogue begins with accusations, blame, and misdirection.  My brain feels burdened with the job of protecting my heart; it believes my heart is too fragile, too easily manipulated.  I tell you the truth and you run and hide and leave me to deal with everything alone my brain says to my heart.  How am I going to grow stronger if you keep protecting me my heart pleads with my brain.  Let me breakdown, let me feel, let me cry, let me grow from experience my heart pleads.  I am only fragile because you don’t trust that I can learn from the emotions I am built to create.  I promise I will break but with your help I will mend.  Please trust me enough to work with me my heart cries.

I imagine my heart gives my mind a big hug.  It is their friendship and their willingness to work things out that comfort me, that strengthen me.

17 thoughts on “WHEN MY HEART HUGS MY MIND

  1. You have such vivid writing – I don’t think I could ever put such fantastic imagery into words. Well done.


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  3. This is a great post and so, so true. Trying to get the heart and mind to work somewhere vaguely on the same level is a constant challenge – I love the way you described this, beautiful.


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