I asked my boyfriend to give me a writing prompt. If you could be someone else for a week who would you be? And how would you be different when you came back?

I really want to say I’d like to be God. You know figure out how this whole existence stuff really works. Of course if he didn’t exist I’d have wasted a chance to be different but hey… then I’d know.

I could pick me 30 years from now but what if I don’t exist then? And if I don’t exist what does that look like? Heaven? Hell? Or would I wake up reincarnated as a person or an animal? Too many possibilities.

I think I’ll keep it here and now and simple.

If I could love you better I would

If I could be you, walk in your shoes

Would I learn more than I know now?

Would I find a network of cables

And an old phone operator in my head

Changing emotions out like callers

Instead of the bare wired mess I have

Oh here we go your girlfriend is calling

Please connect her to patience and calm

Oh how I would love organized emotion

Would I feel complete and happy

With the love I receive, content and secure

Or would I find secret worries

Tucked inside muscles, behind blue eyes

If I could know how you absorb me

Maybe when I was me again

I’d love you better than I now could

5 thoughts on “SWITCHING TO YOU

  1. Sometimes I think having the opportunity to “be” someone else would help you understand and perhaps love them more, but then I think about some of things I struggle with and don’t want anyone to know the pain that can come with it, even if it means understanding or loving me more.

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