I don’t know what eliminates wrinkles or what food plan works best for what body type. I don’t know how to do math problems in my head, how to use apostrophes correctly, or what the heck a semicolon is for. I can’t tell you where Kentucky is or where most of the other 50 states are in relation to each other. And I have the most extreme opposite of a photographic memory.

The point is there are so many things I don’t know. There are things I’m not wise enough to be right about. I have a million limitations and in one way or another I am humbled by those limitations everyday.

And yet… here I am a functional adult (with a cute dinosaur stuffie my daughter bought me) making my own way after a friendly divorce, raising a daughter mostly alone (a teen nonetheless), maintaining a long distance relationship, and navigating a world in which I don’t know much about anything. And…. there are hundreds and thousands of men/women doing exactly the same.

8 thoughts on “I JUST DON’T KNOW

  1. Don’t feel bad, My Dear! The last person in the world to know everything in his day was Aristotle!! So, we are all in the same boat of not knowing everything. And besides that not everything is worth knowing and now we have the internet. The most important and valuable things in the world is how to be a great parent, a kind and loving person! So sorry to hear about your recent divorce, friendly or not an unplanned loss even though the Universe has better things planned for you! Here is some things that helped me as I was learning how to recover after a hurtful divorce – FORGIVE, FORGET AND MOVE ON!! Letting go and moving on is hard to do but the best for You and your inner child. Not letting go leaves you in a Monkey Trap, check out google to learn about it. A trap that you hold yourself in unless you let go. Sending Big Hugs
    Chuck – 😊💕🌹

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    • I should say I’ve been divorced for almost 7 years now and my teen is almost no longer a teen. I kept thinking I’ll get the hang of it but as soon as you do something big changes everything. I have an amazing long distance boyfriend and I love life even though it’s hard.

      Thank you for your words. Always appreciated 🙂


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