I felt for so long I was worthless. That nobody would love someone “like me”. When I say “like me” I mean someone with low self-confidence, emotional instability, overweight, and constantly comparing myself to others. But once I got all the emotionally challenging parts of my life behind me I started to realize I actually have quite a lot to offer people.

All those things I thought were bad were either fixable or not that bad. Many of the things I felt were “bad” were really just things someone else didn’t like about me. Let’s face it when someone loves you they will see beauty in the things that would otherwise annoy them. If they aren’t really that into you those things become too much to handle. You become obnoxious and unbearable.

That doesn’t mean you’re bad. Or not good enough. What one person doesn’t value someone else will find great value in.

Instead of taking inventory of all your faults, which is the most common and natural thing to do, take note of all your wonderful qualities. Those things that are core to who you are and can be valuable contributions to a relationship. All relationships.

My valuables:

I’m genuine. Honest. Trustworthy.

I’m kind. Sometimes to a fault.

I’m patient with others even if not with myself.

I have a strong moral compass.

I’m flexible and I’ve learned to limit expectations.

I’ve learned you can’t make someone love you if they don’t which has helped me let those I love go when I’m not their first choice.

I’m supportive. I think this is the thing I value most about myself.

The list of flaws is much longer. I could write for days about how I hate how I look or how I care too much about things. I hurt myself in order to benefit others. I try to be stronger than I really am in order to allow someone else to accomplish a goal.

In the grand scheme of life the only thing I think will matter in the end is how much good you put into the world. And I’m willing to bet more good happens when you value yourself.

What are the things you love most about yourself??

9 thoughts on “THE VALUE OF A LIFE

  1. I am so glad to see you have come to value yourself! I also had a long time in my life when I was judging myself by how I thought others regarded me. I knew this was behind me, last October, when a bullying sort came at me, with all the things I was doing wrong. I simply blocked, deleted and cut off all contact with that individual, who has no idea what kind of person I am.

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  2. It’s funny how we feel about the person alters whether their opinion of us matters. If we love them, then their opinion hurts. If we are indifferent to them or don’t know them, then their opinion is irrelevant. If we dislike them, then their opinion of us is wrong.

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