Sitting here at lunch toying with the idea of opening an Etsy store. To be completely honest I’m afraid of failure. What if I put myself out there and nothing happens? I used to be more courageous. Like I could do anything ya know? But live long enough and failure becomes a reality. I failed at marriage. I failed at friendship a few times. I failed at writing. I failed at weight loss. The list is long. So why try?

Why? Because it doesn’t make sense not to. I’ve had successes though I can’t think of any because my brain is working against me right now… but they exist. They do. I just need to sit here a bit longer and figure things out.

What fear do you have?

5 thoughts on “WHAT FEAR?

  1. Failed at writing? Huh? Not that I’ve noticed. I know next to nothing about Esty stores, but I say to go for it. After all, if you don’t somehow find homes for those paintings you’ll end up with a spare bedroom of some such filled with them.

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