People you love will leave

It’ll hurt and you’ll cry

Your brain will have

A million things to say

You’ll blame yourself

Wish you could have done better

Wish you could have changed

Wonder what you could have done

But babe

If you loved them and you tried

If you were there for them

If you were honest with them

If you listened to them

Gave them what you said you could

Then it’s not your fault

When they want what you can’t give

When they change the rules

When they refuse to listen to you

You didn’t love wrong

Love isn’t a guarantee

Doesn’t make people stay

So let them go

And use that love

Where it’s needed

Because it is needed

Even if only for a season

And maybe when people leave

That’s love too

Maybe you deserve better

Maybe your love deserves better

And there are plenty of people

Who want, need, crave

Your kind of love

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