I got lost.

One moment I was speed typing my thoughts across the page. My thoughts racing so fast I could barely keep up. I’d slap a corresponding picture up, type in a few tags and hit publish. Not once a day but several times a day.

The next moment, two years later or maybe it’s been three, I am looking at the screen wondering…. where did I go? What have I been doing?

I accomplished so much here and met so many people.  And then it’s like I was abducted by aliens and I just disappeared from here. Sure I have posted a few things but the person I was got lost… or is she gone?

I’ve always hated the world blog. I mean it sound like something a frog would say as it’s clearing it’s throat. Nonetheless, I found myself blogging my feelings nearly 10 years ago as a way to exercise my demons. Because out of shape demons are nasty little bastards. Seriously though, I was just a person trying to keep her shit together. I mean some of you have been here from the beginning.

I wonder if you are still here?

This has always been a place for me to be real. Real with myself as much as anyone. So if I were to be REAL about where I have been I’d have to say I’ve been doing the hard work it takes to survive some major changes.

I got sober and I got a divorce.

Oh and my daughter is now a teenager.

I also fell in love with a really nice man.  I feel lucky.

So I don’t think I got lost… but maybe just a bit sidetracked and here I am your prodigal sister wondering where you’ve been and what you’ve been doing.




18 thoughts on “I GOT LOST

  1. Have been here for a few years. We all wonder away from a chosen path from time to time. Only the lucky of us find our way back to it, from whatever direction.

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  2. Good to see you still at at! I’m trying to get the gumption up to start a podcast. Maybe we should all do that now instead of blogging??? Lol. Glad you’re doing so well. Weird how we’ve all changed since we started blogging.

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