What you chose to hide is a choice. What you keep from the world is a choice. There are decisions to be made and your choices will matter. Trust will be built or dishonesty and manipulation will be sown. You will hide things without even realizing it.

In this way… we are all artists.


It’s in the hiding
Revelations mix color
Into the blacks
Into the whites
Perceptions fall like glitter
Dotting our masterpiece
With distraction and
Sparkly manipulation
Experiences dance wild
In broad thick strokes
With loaded brushes
And messy fingers
We hide the reality
Of motivation
Of shame
Of inspiration
Inside our art

3 thoughts on “PAINTED FACES

  1. This made me think of a verse from the song “Hair Styles And Attitudes” by Timbuk 3:

    “Hairstyles and attitudes — are they connected?
    Are the styles we embrace a matter of taste, or of values rejected?
    Hairstyles and attitudes — how do they relate?
    How well do we use our freedom to choose the illusions we create?”

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