You find yourself free of a toxic relationship.  But how free?  Don’t let the memories keep you tangled in the past.  Find a way to unravel them and use them to propel yourself into a future free of cobwebs.

female-alcoholism-2847443_960_720 (1) (1)

Trying like mad to untangle
The last torturous threads
Of our fucked up history
Knotted webs of confusion
Where somebody, maybe you
Said something to wound
Did something to damage
Wrote something to harm
Where somebody, maybe you
Wove fiction into reality
Spun lies into beautiful truths
Stored gaslight in your finger tips
While somebody, maybe you
Preached love and positivity
Yet spit disdain through teeth
Covered by a deceiving smile
Somebody, maybe you
Thought I was a piece of shit
Thought I was a waste of time
Thought I was a dead end
Somebody, maybe you
Is snared and caught
Not a spider, nor a monster
Just a person
Imprisoned by my memories

2 thoughts on “SOMEBODY, MAYBE YOU

  1. Tangled threads, indeed, and sticky as any spider web, running like blood veins under the skin. To practice compassion, begin within. In each moment, even the worst, we did the best we were able, the best we knew how. Forgiving others seems easy by comparison.

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