Written by: Hastywords
And this is my blog 🙂


We look for love

Inside lines

And rows

Of prose

And poetry

It speaks



In many languages

Sometimes lyrical

And often in rhyme

Eloquent words

Strung passionately

Across the wires

Caressing the heart

Feeding the soul

But it’s only fuel

The match waiting

To be struck

The kindling

Full of energy

Patiently waiting

To carry the flame

For love is deeper

Than the words

It’s found beyond

Inside the exchanges

Words can’t touch

It’s found in the miracle

Embodied inside

A simple hug

Or a simple kiss

Love is found

In the quiet pauses

The silent spaces

Love is found

In the smiles

And the laughter

Love is inside the magic

Of sight

Of sound

Of scent

Of touch

Of touch

Of touch



12 thoughts on “LOVE IS FOUND

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