I pretend not to notice or care.  That’s just life.  It happens. 

I see you reading, messaging, answering, flirting, complimenting, spending time elsewhere and giving all your attention away.  I sit in the corner picking at my food wondering if you would notice if I stood to leave. 

I watch as your eyes find pleasure from your conversation.  Your lips turning up into a smile and as you chuckle I put down my fork and pull my napkin from my lap.  You don’t notice.

You pick up your glass to take a sip but your eyes never leave your phone.  I clear my throat.  You don’t notice. 

You sit your phone down for a second and take a bite of food.  You finally look at me… barely.  I stand up to leave.  I don’t say anything.  Neither do you. 

When I look back you are putting your phone in your pocket because the one you are meant to be with is sitting across from you. 


Sometimes your heart will avoid what is right in front of you waiting for the right something to come along.  No matter how hard you work at trying to make it right you can’t.  You can’t make someone love you if they don’t.

 Search your heart for the truth.

 There is perfection inside imperfection.

Don’t rule someone out because they don’t fit all the requirements and don’t assume if they do that they will be perfect for you.

7 thoughts on “FINDING THE ONE

  1. I gave up trying to define the right requirements long ago. That was the wrong question. What’s the right question? Isn’t it, “What might we create together?” Or, “How may we dance with our imperfections?” It must be something like that, something tha speaks to the essential nature of relating as improvisation, not a written score to be played and replayed, but jazz or jam. I’m remembering the magic at the end of a blues festival long ago when Carlos Santana and Albert King came out to jam with the last band – masters at play – Yes, that’s how magic happens. reblogging


  2. Your last couple of sentences hit home. I had someone tell me yesterday that I didn’t want a man, I wanted a myth–a unicorn. I thought about it, wondering if it was true. I don’t think what I want is perfection, as I always find beauty in imperfection, so I will continue to as the universe for the same things. I figure if I get 2 out of every 3 things I’d like to have, then that ain’t bad. 😉


  3. I’ve been that person, desperate to be connected in my phone, my laptop, my heart, my time, to people not-in-front-of-me, because the one in front of me was not-the-one, or had become not-the-one through all the reasons people fall apart and change, particularly when neither have been truthful from the offset.

    THEN I was faced with the consequences of two of us having chased a myth, having given strength and breath to the force of other people’s expectations (and so many of our own, unquestionably adopted), and they nearly ate us alive.

    THEN we were each faced with our follies, our tattered hopes and dreams, and the reality sat across from us – someone we couldn’t bear to look at.

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  4. Sometimes it`s hard to forget the one you love as they are the only one we feel has the best requirements for us and we do always assume others that they cannot perfect us.


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