My #BeReal guest today is Sean Bidd.  He often expresses himself by drawing on the natural world around him.  I find it perfectly fitting that he sent me a poem for his #BeReal piece!


Stars and mountain tops

Show me your pictures

Those deep inside your mind

The ones you keep a hold of

Those ones of stars and cities and mountain tops

Where rivers run and rush to find

Their short long ways out to a sea

Give a hint, a chance to guess

All the names to people’s faces

The ones that hold your heart

Each the ones that pass you by

Too, those ones which write upon your soul

Their indelible ink, their weather beaten tattoos

Oh, do share the longest of tales

Those ones you haven’t written yet

The ones that light up your face as you remember them

In every way, how it all went down

To then rise and fall, and rise again

It’s that sense, feeling, that touch

When your soul deep inside, becomes tactile

As it broadcasts about every crevasse

Those ones, those open minds all around the world

Like they say, some Sunsets, they never fade.


00Sean-1Part photographer, writer of poems, short stories and nomad of less known places. I come from the sandstone highlands of Queensland in the South Pacific, but live these days closer to the coast on the Tropic of Capricorn.

I’ve studied multimedia and communication at CQ University (though I need to finish my final year) and have worked in the spatial sciences industry, plus I am also a step parent and step grandparent. Which all makes for busy and fun times.

Back in January I finished up work with a company I’ve been with for 23 years and have spent the last nine months exploring what’s real outside of work with family and community. I’ve managed to help out with outdoor art installations, assisted in curating photographic galleries, lent a hand or two as a volunteer at community events and in programs.

On my blog, which is more poems and stories than journaling, a couple of free books can be found at the bottom of the page. They’re just poems and stories.








7 thoughts on “#BeReal – SEAN BIDD

  1. Such flows tastes, those reminisce of Dates and Coconuts, where Pacific Winds, wayfare among those journeying crests and troughs, within a mind’s supple touch to journey inside each falling dawn and upon each rising evening, where conversations reach you on a climbing inland breeze, somewhere in those mountains, soul deep at Sunset, cradled in considered ink and life.

    Cheers, Hasty! Much love to you, out on, along the inky blue highway and rocky mountain passes, where the night sky, mountains and rivers dance beneath those unforgettable stars, falling and rising on their on terms.

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