Sins accent is thick and heavy

Its eyes are dangerously dark

It wears such a sexy smile

The kind I dream about

Sin begins to dance

Taunting me with its sex

Beautifully mesmerizing

Its body whispering in the shadows

Hands reaching for mine

And just like that

I am drawn into its arms

It holds me so tight

I can very barely breathe

For mere moments

Reason loses its focus

Logic’s voice tries to surface

But noisy passionate lust

Voraciously preys on me

An insatiable sport

I desperately sink

Into a pitfall of desire

I cannot swim within

But happily I drown

Sucking up every ounce of sin

In participation with Romantic Monday 02/18/13

15 thoughts on “A DANCE WITH SIN

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  2. Amazing site you have here. I love you work just gorgeous. All the best to you. Oh and thank you for the ping back I am more than honored that you’ve taken an interest in my verse. ❤


  3. Very nice, very hot. And thanks for sharing all the poets works, including mine! (I saw your email btw, I will be responding with some lines within the next couple nights. Beautiful work, thank you!)


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