My Sexual Unknown (rewritten)


I got your hips locked hypnotic in a trance

My eyes pull you deeper with a gyrating stance

Feel my heart beat beat beating to our dance

You became my victim when I made my entrance


You’re mine, you’re mine mine

From the very first smile


My veins run toxic but pay no nevermind

I’m intriguing, appealing and seemingly refined

Ignore my enchantment meant to make you blind

Trust me I’ll be gentle and ever so kind

Surrender to me and I’ll help you unwind


You’re mine, you’re mine mine

Come on baby give me your vile


I’ll steal your desire and make it my own

Instinctively craving my sexual unknown

The tension in the air enough to coax a moan

I’ll find a dark corner where we can be alone.


You’re mine you’re mine mine

Give me your twisted desires


Invaded heart to death reborn, now aligned

Eat them up, beggars of mercy, bloody dine

No need to hunt because they will stand in line

Eternally singing you’re mine, you’re mine mine


You’re mine, you’re mine mine

Let me fuel your hungry fires


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