I don’t know what it is like to be the mom of little boys.  However, I am the mom of a little girl who is just now starting to notice little boys are a bit more than giant cooties running around.  So right now this is how I see every little boy lol.


Some see sadness

Some see loneliness

Some see little hands

Little faces, little feet

As he sits alone

But I’ve seen his smile

How he looks down

When she smiles back

I’ve seen him help her

Jump from the swing

How he protects her

Playing dodge ball

I’ve seen him watch

As she reads out loud

And so while

Some see sadness

Or loneliness

As he sits alone

I see a little boy

Building a strategy

10 thoughts on “THE STRATEGIST

  1. I only have boys… while my oldest will probably be the one with the most open honesty to all people, especially girls. My second born, he has been building a strategy since he was 2. It’s the eyes, he can’t help it. He will be respectful, but when he finally falls in love, as many times as that will be, he will do it with a stategy!

    Great piece!

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