Some stories you hear stay with you and you have to write them out or go mad.  In many cases all I have to do is read a news blurb and my mind twists and turns in agony with the pain of it all.

Empathy is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within the other person’s frame of reference, i.e., the capacity to place oneself in another’s shoes.~Wikipedia


A ripping sound woke me
Dragging me from the deep
I was frozen partly in fear
Because of the memories
That imprison me still
It was the leather
That for so long
Paralyzed my keep
Cottony fabric stuck
Firm against my tongue
Darkness stuck to my eyes
The ticking clock nearby
So many years passed
With not a soul to tell me
Am I still young?
The ticking clock, ticked
Begging to spill time
And even still today
I find myself obsessing
Over the rhythm it stole
The smell of stale blood
Inside tears of hopelessness
Rung from a well
I’d wished would run dry
Memories that kept pooling
In the corner of my eyes
Memories of his face
The blade and all his lies
For the years and years
I remained there locked away
Because my life was worthless
Coagulating in clots
Upon my wrists
Sadistic blood that
Ran and dripped
From the stainless
That didn’t take my life

5 thoughts on “STAINLESS

  1. Another powerfully crafted piece, yet so painfully beautiful (unfortunately I understand that feeling). I always makes me smile when I am away from blogging for a while and when I return, it is to one of your pieces. You truly do help me to keep my passion for writing alive. Thank you


  2. First time here. I came over from Inconsiderings post. Oh my…my jaw dropped at the rawness of your words and the beautiful way in which you intertwined them. I’m looking forward to your #bereal series.


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