Most days I’m a mess, don’t look at me
But that isn’t something I’m willing to confess
You’re looking through me, I turn away
Not ready to be all the things you hope for me

You seem to think I am made of steel
But I assure you it’s a complex illusion
Scraps of paper painted to deceive
Covered in misleading hard to decipher words

Don’t worry baby, it’s how it works
I’m not only hiding from you but from me too
You wonder what the heck has happened
But I won’t tell you the truth, better left in the past

I can’t say, I don’t believe love lasts
That those that love always end up cutting me down
I’m certain I’m too damaged for you
But I want these minutes even if just a day

I’ll give you the very best of me
And I’ll hide the worst, spare you the toxicity
I’ll make myself into anything
As long as I can feel for a moment your love

7 thoughts on “CREATING US

  1. I’ve been in this page for the past half hour trying to respond; I can’t – my words are broken and my thoughts are lost in the dark beyond; I know that there’s nothing I can say to make this one right; Nothing I can do or persuade or cajole you to understand or fight; I’m fighting off demons casting shadows and witchery; By your side getting burnt cos you let them so close, you see; But burns will heal and I’ll wear the scars with pride; They testify when I said I’d stay I never lied; Give your everything – nothing to hide when we’re together; I’ll take your minute-by-minute and slowly make it forever.

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