A LOVELY LADY by Shane Mayabb

So… A really nice friend messaged me on facebook yesterday.  He is an old classmate from my angsty high school days.  We knew some of the same people but both of us were really fairly busy (shy) to have the heavy social calendar some teens have.  Anyway, he wrote a poem for me and I am always ALWAYS touched when someone writes poetry… (and for me nonetheless).  For all you male bloggers I have written duets with and all the male bloggers that pour your souls out in poetry… keep writing because I think it is beautiful and so do lot’s of other woman.  Thank you Shane for this poem and for being such an inspirational soul!



I see you in a heart of tenderness and affection,

with a need of wanting of love and protection.

Like the stars in the sky that twinkle in the night,

things will get better and be made right.

A lovely beautiful lady with a heart made of gold,

with a story of her life that needs to be told.

A story of her dreams of passion and desire,

to be held in high esteem and lifted so much higher.

What the future holds for her is yet to be seen,

but there’s hope for tomorrow if you know what I mean.


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