Did you know I have read some of my poetry on soundcloud?  Yea…against my better judgement, because I hate my voice.  However, I do feel like sometimes you get more from hearing than reading. Sometimes you reach people who would never read a poem.  Why am I telling you this now?

Because you should listen to me and hopefully tell me what you think…



and then listen to this… 



There is definitely a difference between reading a poem and performing it and Samara nails it…

21 thoughts on “POETRY OUT LOUD

  1. Good grief, my Sunset, it’s like comparing the Rhumba to Street Dance. Can’t be done. The similarities are that both of ye wrote poems and both of ye have audio – they are SO different, and I love them in different ways for different reasons.

    I’ve already told you your voice is my favourite 🙂 I would listen to you read…ingredients lists if it had to be 🙂

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