Weakness crashes like fog
All around me, following
Outlines that look too much
Like pains I took time to hide
Sadness from yesterday
Bleeding into the rainbows
I made the effort to paint on walls
That will just be covered
Like graffiti on another day

Slumbering inside myself
Holding words too heavy
To carry to shore
Inside waves tripping
Under stars reflecting
A million different stories
Too broken and shattered
For a world far too busy
And far too lonely to hear

15 thoughts on “HEAVY WORDS

  1. Seeing you stand there in the doorway, as you watch the door swing on its hinges as changing winds hammer it back an forth, outside where we think nature is wild, but it’s not, we’re the wild things, nature tamed its world long ago, long before fences, before borders, even before we dwelt out in the collisions to high seas in our lone vessels, our almost empty ship, where we were once shipwrights and sailmakers, mariners to the choicest of journeys and ports, places walls never could contain, well not for long, you know, not for long.


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