Sorry this took me so long Jenny. Thank you for writing with me!


Written by Jenny Katherine Luu and Hastywords

Her slippers weren’t made of glass
They were faded with stringy holes
Her dresses were made and simply sewn
From the remnants of old flour sacks
With much love and motherly care
Two things her life never did lack

Poor, loved and protected,
She was the sweetest of gullible
And with the voice of an angel
She sang throughout the town
Skipping from shop to shop,
Dancing in her patch-work gown.
Her life wasn’t full of glittery flair

But her eyes sparkled more than most
And though her hair wasn’t shiny gold
All the other girls envied her tresses
Her mother’s brush made doubly sure
It never tangled up into messes

‘Tis the story of a normal girl
Who could dance like no other.
Floating and fluttering; to and fro
The most beautifully brilliant butterfly.
Born to a baker, she spent hours
making the finest wheat and rye.

Until one day a man caught her eye
And the sparkle jumped from hers to his
He took her hand, taking the lead
Whisking her away… far far away

And he made her endlessly happy
Until the other maidens came to play

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