I decided to feature a new poetic duet partner each Friday (I hope).  I truly hope those of you who have never done this before will email and attempt to do one with me.  Whether you write poetry or not, whether you like poetry or not, I think you will be surprised with how fun it is to write with someone.   See my Duet Partners tab for those I have written with and visit their blogs.  See the Poetic Duets category for previous duets written.

This Friday I would like to introduce Khimya Khetarpal.  She writes some beautiful poetry of which this is my favorite You Will Always Be My Hero .


Written by Khimya Khetarpal and HastyWords

She sat in the corner

Apprehensive and unsure

The world was a crazy place

For a heart so beautifully pure


Moments such compelled her to ponder

Righteousness could be difficult to practice, She did wonder

Decisions some really bold

However the truth needs to be told


She fancied her runaway flights

Into worlds only her mind could see

She left the world to its earthly melancholy

And chose to live her life completely free


Untouched by the sheer banality of life

She experienced a chimerical bliss

Submissive to her conscience

A world too pure to dismiss

IMG_8577 copy

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