Today I would like to say thank you to everyone I have written with over the years. I smiled because I get to say “years.” Seriously though, the duets I have done have paved the way to a few really great friendships.

I started doing duets a few YEARS ago when a blogger and I started rattling off lines back and forth on Facebook. A few wonderful things happened that I will never forget. Some of those things I will keep private, but the birth of my duet partners page was definitely a highlight. I have since closed it down, but for a time, it made me feel content. It made me feel like there were people out there that needed me somehow, and if not needed, then maybe wanted to connect with me.

My poetic duets category includes 304 duets and those are only the ones that remain published, which leads me to why I am no longer doing poetic duets.

Mostly, I am tired. I have an inbox full of unfinished duets, time spent and verses penned that will never be finished. Some of them are my fault because I have been too busy to write and others after a few verses simply disappear. Then there are writers who contact me later asking me to remove the duets we have done together for whatever reason and without explanation. Duets take time, effort, and commitment… all things I don’t have much of anymore.

Today I will post all the duets I haven’t had time to and I would like to say “THANK YOU” for being compassionate and patient with me. I truly appreciate the connections I have made and, though I won’t say I will never write another duet, I will say it’s been fun!

19 thoughts on “THANK YOU FOR THE DUETS

  1. I agree! It is so life-changing to write with other poets. I have developed a community of friends all over the world because of WordPress alone, not that it couldn’t have happened anywhere else, but it didn’t! Not the least of which is you, Hasty. Thanks for taking the time to scribble some lines with this humble poet from time to time. My pen and pad are ready any time you want to collaborate 🙂

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  2. I am reading backwards and I was so amazed about how many duets you have offered. Your focus of compassion this month made me respond with my thoughts that compassion = attention. You have offered all of these duet partners your attention and in that compassion for their art. That is very generous. Know that someone who is not a duet partner, is astounded by the body of work. XO

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    • To be honest I was a bit shocked myself. It flew by so fast and many times was such a simple and nice connection made. Every time I got an email that said, “I don’t normally write poetry but I’d like to try” my insides would burst with happiness. Some of those people went on to create amazing poetry blogs and continued the duets with others and that makes it all worthwhile.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and giving me some attention it means so very much 🙂

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