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Written by Simon and Hastywords


Falling inside raindrops made of glass
Wordless laments land and shatter
On silent sidewalks paying no mind
To the broken edges that they scatter


Unheard cries and oft ignored entreaties
Silence is all that is returned
Screaming out into the heartless void
Knowing all such pleas will be spurned


Landslides full of debris fill lengthy valleys
Without warning and without concern
Shouting headlong a battle cry in defeat
Everything crushed, nothing left to discern


Entombed in rubbled hopelessness so shattered
No longer seeing sunlight’s given hope
How can one so survive such brutal burial?
How can one in such drowning learn to cope?


Courage will grant strength and with that fortitude
To stand against the dark and make a fight
And though all but a spark from me is taken
This spark will burn enough to light the night.


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