I have written with Joshua Stewart several times and each time it has been quick and easy.  Sometimes writing styles and emotions just come together effortlessly. In fact, I think he is pretty much the male version of me.

Today, I would like to give you guys a chance to get to know him a bit better so I asked him to write a piece on how writing makes him feel.  He even threw in some poetry!

He can be found on twitter and instagram  @Nonesense4Days and he blogs at JStewart413


Writing gives my heart the chance,to speak uninterrupted. By a world… That truly will never understand me. As writing allows me to connect with my strongest feelings, and my deepest thoughts.  As I chase my demons, and fight my dreams.  I’m just trying to bleed myself into words.  So breathing, is just that much easier.

BLEED MYSELF INTO WORDS by Joshua Ryan Stewart

Right or wrong. 
I’m writing my heart’s song. 
Rhythmically beating. 
As I pour my soul. 
Into every word. 
Trying to give. 
Meaningless words, meaning. 
Even if it differs. 
From my mind to yours. 
I hope to inspire. 
Give you a desire. 
That spreads like wildfire.


Hello, my name is Joshua Ryan Stewart.  I was born on April 13th, 1983. I’m a middle child. With a older brother, and a younger sister.  Born and raised in West Virginia, USA.  Growing up lower class, but my parents did without… To make sure we had what we needed.  I’m a dreamer, that completely believes in fairytales.  I’ve always been that class clown, with a intelligent quotient of 126ish… That helped me get by.  Seriously, I’m surprised I’ve survived this long.  But despite my questionable decisions, full of inappropriate behaviors… I plan on at least surviving another 32 years.  Personally, I’m terrible at bios.  All you should know is, I write what some will even call poetry.


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