Daily Promt : Life Line

You’re on a long flight, and a palm reader sitting next to you insists she reads your palm. You hesitate, but agree. What does she tell you?

She got off the plane to meet up with her husband who had to sit towards the front of the craft.

“Hey beautiful!” he said when he saw her.

She smiled as she stepped into pace with him.

“I noticed you made a friend on the plan?”

She laughed then responded  “She was a palm reader…she had a lot to say”

He put his arm around her as they continued to walk together to collect their luggage, “Like how beautiful you are and how amazing your husband is?”

“Not exactly….she told me I AM EVE”

After a moment of silence he responded thoughtfully, “Well then I guess it’s a good thing I AM ADAM!”


48cf76ce7fb711e2983d22000a9f199e_6Piercing judgment falls

Like burning embers

From a flaming heaven

The need for love

Imperfects us all

Driving us ambitiously

Into passions pitfall

Hold on to sanctity

Until it drives you mad

Strive for saintly

Until you lose your head

I have bonded with Eve

I have seen the fruit

Resistance is a lesson

Of ultimate futility

To be human

Has always been

Our intended destiny

40 thoughts on “I AM EVE

  1. “Resistance is a lesson/Of ultimate futility” wonderful phrase. As well as the straightforward meaning, it also suggests we should learn from the experience but the futility also hints that we won’t. Hasty, you are brilliant ❤


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