In the recent weeks we have been reminded of how human we are and that our bodies and minds are not invincible. We live in an age where taxes are at an all-time high, jobs are scarce, and our churches and government don’t inspire the confidence we need to give. And yet there are associations and groups of people that need us to give.

I feel like the whole world has done the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS awareness by now. A few people have scoffed at the antics as a ridiculous social media craze. I know I did initially. I shook my head and said to myself so you are going to pour water over your head to get out of giving charity money? 

But now, seeing how many people have taken the challenge and how much publicity the charity has gotten I have to say I am impressed. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) or “LouGehrig’s Disease has recorded more 20 million in donations, which is way up from normal annual totals. Does that not impress you??

Somebody wrote that we love to toot our own compassionate horn and participating in this challenge is narcissism at its finest. I beg to differ because nobody looks sexy having cold water dumped on them. OK well some people do, like Laura A Lord and her husband who nominated me.  I know I didn’t want to film myself screaming for the world to see but I did.


Because I am not afraid to jump on a band wagon that is going in the RIGHT direction.


If we can raise awareness and increase funding for good charities by being silly then yay us! If all it takes is a little bit of cold ice water to wake us all up then I am all for it.

Find a charity you believe in, like my friend Lizzi who writes about a few HERE, and give what you can. If you don’t have the funds to give it’s ok…raise awareness because if this challenge proves anything it proves that:



Whether it is human rights, cancer, domestic abuse, mental health, adoption, obesity, diabetes, etc … find a cause and stand for something. To borrow a phrase from my SisterWives:



Brookfield woman puts face on ice bucket challenge

Christine Russo ALS speaks about the challenge



33 thoughts on “THE BANDWAGON

  1. I would be really interested to know the rise in how many times “ALS” has been Googled since this challenge began and also the rise in visits to the Wikipedia page and the ALSGlobal page. Like you I love a bandwagon that’s been hitched to a good cause!

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  3. ‘I am not afraid to jump on a band wagon that is going in the RIGHT direction’ – hear hear! I felt the same about the bare-faced selfie thing for cancer research. I thought twice about it, researched it and concluded – yes, it does count for something.


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