Written by T Wong and HastyWords


Strangled melodies unfold
Just beyond midnight’s hold
I caress the skin I wear
Dressed up in painted flair

A shade as blue as starlight
Caught in faraway moonlight
And strung of unsaid phrases
A necklace that awes and dazes

Silky hems blaze like sunshine
Drawing stares from the divine
Hanging in layers upon my thighs
A honeyed stratospheric surprise

But waiting for your eyes to behold
This new outfit, lightly camisoled
Elicits an even closer desire
Than these painted faraway fires

Creating passion painted in subtle nudes
Our flirtations accenting our carnal moods
We become purified masterpieces of motion
Revitalizing our most inhibited emotion

Our mutual ardor grows ever higher
Singing its bewitching songs of desire
With artist’s hands molding shape to the shapeless
At last, my love is no longer faceless

18 thoughts on “AT LAST

  1. You write well with T Wong hasty, very different flavor…

    A thought which just occurred to me, by writing with others you learn within thee style, by far improving your own?

    Liked by 1 person

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