What It Takes

Instructions not included and if they were they would probably be written in an alien language. Today… this story terrifies me but also gives me hope.

Lord give me the strength…

The SisterWives

I have a propensity for following bloggers who make me think and feel as much as they make me laugh. This isn’t an easy combo, as most of you know. It takes a willingness to be vulnerable, the courage to be honest, and the ability to make typed words drip with sarcasm. It’s a delicate trifecta that not everyone can pull off, which is why I jumped at the chance to introduce our guest writer today. She happens to have perfected this trifecta. In fact, it comes so naturally to her I suspect she invented it. Please welcome Michelle, whose blog – Rubber Shoes In Hell – is the cool place to be. Her writing has earned our respect and admiration, and we’re incredibly honored to have her words here. In fact, we are featuring her all week. Be sure to check back Thursday for another powerful post by Michelle.  –Beth

I have written about…

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