I am a big girl.

When I say that I don’t mean I am wearing my big girl panties. I don’t mean I am tall and thick. I mean I am 5’3″ and 195 lbs.

I am also old and the pounds I have fought my entire life to lose are sticking to me like glue.  I had to go back and think about my recent history because I try not to count pounds but I went from a decade at 230 lbs to being 90 lbs less a year ago.  Recently, ever since my breakdown; the pounds are creeping back.  Ok…  that is a lie they are speeding back on.

I know I am not the only one struggling.


I started My Fitness Pal again and this time I want friends to do this with me.  It is a free app and super easy to use.  The bar scanning capability makes it a breeze to stay accountable. It also syncs with many other programs and apps like fitbit.

My Fitness Pal

I am going to start a group called Blogging Losers because in this case being a loser is cool. We are all bloggers so I know we can motivate each other there with our words!  Even if you don’t want to lose weight but you want to eat healthier it is the perfect place for us.

If you want to join you can search for the group or email me and I will send an email invite to your email.  Let’s motivate each other!

My Fitness Pal user name is hastywords if you just want a friend without being part of a group.

My email: hastywords@gmail.com


There is one thing I learned when I lost all my weight.  Knowledge doesn’t always help when our minds are in the wrong place. Self-sabotage is a strong muscle. Willpower is also a muscle and the more we work it out the stronger it gets.  ~Hastywords



40 thoughts on “MIND OVER MOUTH

  1. Not trying to be an ass, but carbs are the enemy!! Trust me. A 5’10” man of 210lbs (+) isn’t something you want sweating on top of you. 25 carbs/day and 175lbs of guy will at least keep your dinner down.
    Sadly, bread and pasta are soooo yummy. 😊 If you want it, it will happen. Fact.


  2. MyFtnessPal is generally used to track /count calories, correct? I wear my FitBit every day, but it’s really more for the calorie burn/activity tracking features. I know I generally consume around 1,800 cal/day, on average) so as long as I’m burning more than 1,800 calories, I’m happy.

    I decided 18 months ago that I like food way too much to deprive myself. I decided to flip weight loss on its head. Instead of limiting what I eat; I move more. Exercise versus diet. I’m really happy with my results — not just the physical results, but the fact that I’m happy; whereas diets always left me miserable.

    Saw your comment above about cutting out carbs and losing weight. I did this too, years ago, but I was such a raging b&tch the entire time. 🙂 I wrote a post about it here: http://myyearofsweat.wordpress.com/2014/05/08/when-is-enough-enough-tbt-edition/ in case you have interest.

    Best of luck to you, Hasty! Looking forward to cheering you on.

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  3. I just want to know how to makeup like you.

    At some point, somewhere along the line I missed a whole lot of ‘How To Be A Girl’ in life… *sigh*

    I’ve tried those groups before…I still don’t know if they’re good or bad for me… :/


    • Makeup? Like face ? Lol I can’t put makeup on right to save my life.

      I am not sure either but it’s always been with complete strangers in the past. Would be nice to have friends I know to encourage everyday.

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      • No…the makeup on your ass! Of COURSE your face – you always look stunning, so whatever you do works.

        You’re twisting my armmmm *indecisive* Have you got other people who’ve joined? We don’t have to share our weight do we?


        • I think you can share whatever you like. A lot or a little. Not yet. I just created it. I have some Zumba people who made a group.

          I wear makeup on my ass … Don’t judge 🙂

          Also you should join just to track your biking but don’t feel obligated ONLY if it sounds fun 😉

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          • *giggles* Oh but you’re good for me – you make me laugh and make everything seem simple and straightforward…

            I’ll try it. But I still don’t think I could cope with a calorie-counting app…that’s too much. Is that okay? Encouragement and support is good, but not being yelled at by electronics.


  4. Best of luck! I have been using the Lose It! app and am loving it. I hope you love yours and it works as well. I can log exercise on mine too and so far it’s keeping me motivated. I’ve lost 5 of the 65 I want to lose.


  5. My Fitness Pal is actually a pretty solid way to go. I’ve used it for a while in conjunction with some of my training and nutrition regiment. And that’s a great idea to get a group of folks together for added motivation. Knowing that there are other’s with the same goal will make a difference. Good stuff


  6. Hi, Hasty. Joined Blogging Losers. Started logging my food. Mildly moving my body. Need to build on that. Up for a Dance Dare? Today we each dance 1/2 hour? Or just move 1/2 hour… Any kind of movement is better than sitting all day and all night.


  7. —-Hey,
    My blood pressure was high, so my friend, whom is a trainer, said cut out salt, lose 10 pounds, cut down or SUGAR (very HARD), eat spinach & bananas, watch the CARBS!

    I’m going to see what happens! I’m serious, I was out of control w/ my eating. Especially SUGAR.

    I’ll check out your new blog!! xx


    • It’s a calorie and exercise journal. Set up like fb with a newsfeed with friends. AND my fav part is adding food is as easy as taking a pic of the barcode for most things. Omg electronic journals have come so far


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