HastyKid at Sunset

HastyKid at Sunset

Written by Twiistd and HastyWords

The moonlight sparkled
on the surface of the sea
There was no one around
Just you and me
I turned to gaze
at your starlit eyes
It was in that very
Moment I realized

How connected we were
to the stars, to the sea
to the breathing of the trees
Our heart beats heard
above the crashing waves
these rhythmic verses
putting all nature at ease

Shooting stars above
Sky writing these words
Descend from the
Ethereal plain
Written with love
To all read and heard
In each of our
Soul’s names

Light glitters the surface
a reflection of the universe
upon moving waters
A vigil calling us
away from the fragility
of a world created
to harbor our ghosts

With every word
The inner fires burn
Each wordsmith waits
Their turn, as we walk
An unspoken unity
Providing immunity
Against the demons haste
No time to waste

Two hearts joined
Inside the rhythmic chaos
Planned then composed
On a landscape of notes
We are one with the
Universe and all that is known
When they begin to ring out
In poetic harmony

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