Written by Cody Taylor Edmondson and HastyWords


To know evil

Is to hunger

It is ravenous

And consuming

An enraged horde

Violently waiting

Behind the gates

Of a fiery hell

Making itself at home

Inside our hearts

Waiting for us to fall

For us to topple

Into its growing

And chaotic throng

Of frenzied movement

It tempts us with fairness

And gets us alone

Inside the shadows

Disguised as a friend

Waiting to corrupt you

With its malevolent secrets

We strive to be good

We strive to be innocent

We strive to be real

To keep the hell at bay

But it adapts and

Begins to reflect the light

We earnestly seek

And the devil

Like a whore with a pitchfork

Gets decked out in sequins

And covers his hate in glitter

And begins to speak with a

Sharpened silver tongue

Enticing us to visit

Convincing us to stay



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