Welcome Spreadincrazysmiles to the duet family.  She just started diving into the world of poetic writing so head over to her blog and give her some poetic love.


Written by SpreadinCrazySmiles and HastyWords


My mind could not focus, fuzzy

Bold boundaries became blurry

I was on my hands and knees

Mourning promises not kept

You’re surprised

Wondering why I’ve wept

Your eyes of confusion

Just a knowing dark facade

Don’t think I can’t see it

Although your fog is thick

It’s all a deceptive trick

Suffocating my heart

Chaining my mind at bay

Our worlds collided

Became one right away

We were inseparable, bound

Together forever you said

I was caught off guard, blind

By a few casual winks

And a come hither smile

I am sick to my stomach

As I realize your intentions

Reeling me in, an animal

You couldn’t wait to trap

Your words struck my soul

They sunk in like poison

My heart is no longer whole

What is it about you

That keeps me stuck here

Why can’t I loosen the chain

Is this price I have to pay

Do I deserve this pain

Like a masquerade ball

Your face changes day to day

The mask I loved once

Was taken off display

Now only sinister shadows

Hide inside your pupils

Watching my every move

Daring me to disobey

My heart was paralyzed

My mind however was not

I tried to break free

Against my hearts every beat

Like a mantra with a chorus

I’m infatuated with a monster

With a body and a face built

To drive any female crazy

I am addicted and obsessed

To the drama you’ve created

Your insanity is the drug I crave

So I am stuck with a beast

Flying high on his passion

Doled out in dime sized doses

Suffering emotive withdrawals

I live in a state of defeat

A state of romantic neurosis

13 thoughts on “ROMANTIC NEUROSIS

      • Thank you, I’ve been here for about a month now and it’s awesome. I wanted to try poetry, I’ve got a couple poems in my archives but I haven’t really been into it like I am. Hastywords invited me to write with her and I jumped on it. She’s awesome at what she does!!! I was just..well.. a mess! 😀


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