Written by Arthur Browne and HastyWords



Fire seers the world around me

Yet my frozen heart denies the flames

And every fiber of being inside me

Yearns to feel the heat, the fervor

In which desire and passion claims


I once joined in the fiery dance of love

Before withdrawing behind sheets of ice

Those were the days when I was young

Before my heart had known anguish

The days when warming flames felt nice


My heart was broken more than once

And I resurrected a castle for myself

One with fireproof walls that I believed

Would keep me from yearning, burning

All my desire sitting upon an icy shelf


Now I stand upon the frosted battlements

I watch the forces of love and lust below

As the battle rages back and forth

Neither side winning or losing much

Fighting over the same old ground, to and fro


As emotionless as I may seem to some

I must say I fear no more inequities

Trespassing upon my iced- up porch

Quiet contentment satisfies me

Detached from all the passionate extremes


And yet now and then I wonder

Was my solitude worth the price?

The long vigil has kept me safe

No warmth has pierced my isolation

But pain, there is aplenty


So maybe someday, perhaps

I will venture to feel what I have missed

But for now I will reserve my strength

Until once again I am strong enough

To feel weakness from one single kiss




10 thoughts on “ICE CASTLE

  1. Hi.

    I have two poems and an erotic short story, but don’t know how to show them or link them to your page or blog.

    If you can advice I’d be grateful. Thank you. I have a personal page, and have them in the notes section there,

    I just shared them with my friend Mike. I think you know him too. Mike Makai Anyway, he can tell me if they’re any good.




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