Another poem written with a wonderful friend Alex Hicks from Into Dawn


Written by Alex Hicks and HastyWords

How do I overcome

This pain of a broken heart

How do I fix myself

I don’t know where to start


I feel overwhelmed

Disabled inside this emptiness

You left me hollow and numb

Inside a suffocating loneliness


Do I embrace the dark surrounding me?

Let it comfort me with its touch.

Or do I build my walls and shut it out?

Like the pain that hurts so much.


They say breathing is all it takes

To survive this painful dark

Lungs on fire, fighting my will

Oxygen struggling to leave its mark


So long bound by chains of passion

Only to be freed and bound again

By this pain of isolation

By the pains I hold within


I will sit alone in this dark

Become accustomed to its silence

Then perhaps someday

I’ll peer beyond its shadows


To the place where stars shone bright as suns

Where the sunlight filled my eyes

In my world where everything was right

beyond the truth and lies.

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