MY PLEASURE by Anonymous

She has her reasons for having me post this as anonymous but I think this is an amazing poem.  I am hoping she changes her mind and lets me sign her name eventually.  What do you think?


I wear the bruises on my skin

With a secret smile on my face

I know how I got them

I am reminded of the desire

Your touch scorched me…

Marked me

Leaving me desperate for you


At first it hurts

As pain and pleasure do

But then it begins to fade

Until all I remember is you

Your hands on my hips

Lower until my breath shatters

Rising to find heaven


More noticeable with traces of color

The mirror cannot lie

And I wouldn’t ask it to

It makes me feel alive

our bodies dance

Over and over


The tenderness is gone

But I still remember where it came from

I count the days down

Until I see you again

I want more

And you will oblige


Once a kaleidoscope of color

Now just a hint of a memory

All but faded away

But I am not worried

They may be gone

But I still remember

   You see…

I wear your bruises on my skin

With a smile on my face

A secret we share

A thin line we love

Always wanting more

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