I quit you cold turkey

I’ve done it before

And each time I failed

I’ve been told

It is dangerous

But this time I said

 I feel strong, confident

I can feel the strength

Inside myself for once

But now I feel it…

The zaps forming

The electrical pulse

Of my body missing you

For the first time

I am scared, worried

That I am doomed

To be forever

Connected to you


  1. Hasty – I did this a few months ago. I made it to 4 days (the first was 2), then I was in bed unable to move, literally. How I made it to the doctor is beyond me. I was very scared – especially since I am alone. there were no boys and if there are no boys, there is nobody else. it was scary and I do wish i could dump the damned antidepressant, but I fail.


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