One of my very first duet partners has also become one of my most faithful and loving friends.  She is on my bucket list to meet in person some day!  I love you Shruti.  I doubt there is anyone who hasn’t visited her blog but if you haven’t then what are you waiting for?  A Shade Of Pen


Written by Shruti and HastyWords

I miss you lately

That magical smile

Stopped appearing

And each new day

Loses its clarity as

It’s being swallowed

By your absence


I never realized

When and how

You suddenly became

The reason for my smile

Today, as I sit alone

The heart feels empty

Bereft of the love

That made it alive


You moved on

And I wonder, hope

If you ever miss me

I fell into a trap

Dwelling on you, and I

Can’t let go because

You held goodbye hostage

Selfishly keeping part of me


Do you ever

Think of the promises we made?

Does it ever occur to you

That I still wait

At the end of the lanes

Broken and hurt, foolish heart


One day, we may go back

To the olden times again


Do you care

That I get angry sometimes

That you could walk away

Throw it all away so easily

Does she comfort you

Understand you

Motivate and inspire you

What did I ever see in you


The heart alternates in

Shades of love and hate

Bitter memories and broken words

Crush the beautiful harmony of my heart

Nothing will again be the same

I will curse your heart…

In this cursed game

7 thoughts on “CURSED GAME

  1. this piece could have been pulled right out of my mind and heart. it is true – alternating between love and hate – and still holding on when the mind is clearly saying let him go. this is an amazing piece of work. thank you both for creating it.


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