Well more like advice.  But seriously the complaints can be the most useful.  I need to know what is good and what is bad about my first attempt at publishing.  I have two books nearly ready to publish but I would love to know what you think before I hit the point of no return.

In order to make this easy for everyone because I want as much feedback as I can get Darker Side of Night is available for free as an ebook through Kindle for a few days.  Please download and tell me what you think and keep in mind that the hardcopy version inside is all black and white and is formatted differently but I will take any ideas, complaints, advice, well wishes, go to hell’s…as I can get!

If you do download please leave a review on Amazon or in a comment to this post or you can also email me at Also, any advice or websites you know of that are good for marketing let me know!  Thank you in advance to all of you willing to help!!!


The paperback can be purchased at Amazon  here.  Let the reviews flood in!!

9 thoughts on “FREE – I NEED COMPLAINTS

  1. Ok, I read it. The poetry is great of course and the pictures are sweetness, if not bloody. The only criticism I can find is in the formatting. I’m not well versed on how that works exactly, but it seems like there should be a way to keep each piece on one page, with a picture on the following page. Maybe the font size could be tweaked or something. The cover is great too. Very compelling. All around good job Hasty. : )


  2. I am planning to buy this soon. Unfortunately I don’t have kindle though. I’ll review it once I buy it and read it. It is in hardcopy on Amazon right? I forget.


    • Awesome, and I’ll review it. Sometimes it takes me a looonnngg time to get around to doing some things, please don’t take it personally.


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