Meet Johnny Ojanpera.  My latest duet partner wrote the following piece with me and I have to say after he sent me the first stanza I felt I was a little bit in over my head.  Please visit him and leave him some of your thoughts.

BeFunky_admin-ajax.jpgWritten by Jonathan Ojanpera and HastyWords

If a whisper brought you here

A breath, your crimson aura, all I feel

If you’ll shift a little toward my side

You may find the depth of mine

Retract your defenses, no form to hide


If, one day, upon the wind you find

A song with your name entwined

If you’ll free yourself for a spell

The Zephyr will carry to you my hymn

The floating sentiments on which I dwell


Turn to face me; doll you’ve come

Sing me into your precious stare

As for me, I crafted your abode

Countenance lifted, stored tears

Time unhindered, claim me as home


Turn my vitality into ethereal visions

Draw me into your conscious fantasy

As for me, I wither without your touch

Spirit held unabridged and given flight

I am only held whole inside your clutch

11 thoughts on “CRIMSON AURA

  1. The gift of your inventiveness in your gift of creating poetry is beyond breathtaking! I am in awe of your talent and your imagination! Absolutely EXCELLENT! I personally never made it past “Roses are red . . .” haha


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