Written by  mcfcwolf and HastyWords

and as the cool rain fell upon her faith

and warm water fell between her breasts

we entered a realm unknown to man

and the whole word felt shivers coalesce

as sheets of acid rain poured from potholes

that had opened up in the fabric of the sky

her skin began to harden and turn translucent

she looked like a mountain of diamonds to me

and then the firm touch of the wind

and the sense we could, rather must, give in

under this immaculate evening sky

blessing these beautiful beasts

you are radiant and unique

so much so that I can no longer control myself

I can no longer get a hold of myself

I must destroy myself

diamonds all of you are in this forming crowd

and the cool rain kissed me on the mouth

as bolts of lightning blinded my eyes

claps of thunder shattered my ears

and one by one my senses were stolen

leaving only one, the sense of feel

as even the caressing atmosphere

made me feel like a cresting cloud

a fine mist building into silver dust sparkling

alongside the beauty of her luminous silhouette

7 thoughts on “BECOMING DIAMONDS

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  2. I see how you using the metaphors here more clearly. As mentioned before about the metaphors does one begin to create their own ties between the metaphors and what they like to describe?


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