The Stream by HastyWords

The Stream by HastyWords

Written by Arthur Browne and HastyWords

Hands clasped tight we run clumsily towards the stream, our elated laughter
carrying loudly through the trees on the softest breeze. My heart beats so hard
I feel it won’t keep up with his smile. Spirits flying as if on the wings of
a thousand butterflies. Our feet flying barefoot…breath hard to catch…inner peace…
The stream… a haven, a place of solitude… and romance…
A quiet place, a sheltered place, a place to think of the future,
and dwell on the present. I need to share the stream with her.
It would no longer be my place… it would be ours…
His delight is apparent in his petition to hold me, sharing natures dreams
I can’t imagine a more perfect moment than being here, relaxed and content
With a smile gracing his eyes and his gentle heart, his excitement awaking the
dormant and solitary parts of me. He is my energy…my eternity…
The grass never smelled sweeter, the shade never danced with such dappled delight.
The leaves rustle with quiet laughter. The stream whispers secrets of earthly pleasures.
The sky is the most intoxicating shade of blue, but pales when compared to her eyes.
Those eyes sparkle… and the stream sparkles in reply.
These moments are painted on the canvas of my heart, the same fall colors
speaking life into mother nature’s art. Stopping at the bank of the stream we collapse
arm and arm into a fit of giggling harmony. All at once our voices hushed as his hands
found themselves upon my cheeks. The chirping birds…the rustling trees…quieted
as if waiting to overhear the question perched upon his lips and scribed upon his soul
But the words would not come amidst the thundering silence, broken only by the soft,
chiming laughter of the stream. Words could not convey my desires, my dreams, my need
I pulled her face to mine and used my lips not to speak, but to give voice to my longing with
a kiss. A kiss that spoke volumes of words that only poets and lovers know

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