In the distance there are angry storms

Approaching slow and steady, raging

They are rolling out plush ebony carpets

Upon a bright and sunny sky, infecting


Negative forces and energies build, waiting

Dark promises of a looming deluge, raining

Irritabilities doing their best to block light

The sun’s piercing rays rendered useless, defeated


The aftermath is harrowing, frightening

The wreckage left behind lasting, daunting

Thunder and lightening ridicule us as they pass

Their unrivaled power mocking us all, taunting


Black clouds roll towards the western horizon

Electric bolts light up the darkened sky

Towards the east the sun emerges, triumphant

Bathing us all in its tranquilizing warmth


In the distance we watch the storms, passed by

They have been absent for some time, gone

But they are still seen, sometimes still heard

But now, instead of turmoil and defeat

We see the beauty of survival and victory

30 thoughts on “EBONY CARPETS

  1. Not robbing an iota of brilliance from the poets which they rightly deserve but the photograph at the top epitomizes a famous quote too and i.e. “A photograph speaks a thousand words!” May I know who was ‘the poet’ there?


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