About a week ago I asked a question.

I wanted to know if men/woman thought woman are sexier on average clothed or naked.  Christopher with Long Awkward Pause decided to help me out….on my question not my clothes.  Some of my favorite bloggers are collaborating on this amazing blog and they are not only funny and NOT boring (MIke) but kind of smart sometimes so we should all listen to their perspectives.

Tell me ….them….what you think.  You can find what I think in the comments on their blog if you are curious.




  1. It completely depends on the woman. In general, I think a woman who dresses well is sexier than if she were just naked. However, a woman that’s comfortable with herself is sexy regardless of nudity or clothing. Especially if she can manage to do that without trying – and few can.


  2. personally I think everyone is sexier clothed. It is the hidden mystery. The not knowing what is underneath. Or the knowing, and knowing that others are wondering. But it does hinge a lot on what is being worn. Because a baggy pants and t shirt will never do. Something with a hint of sexiness without being trashy is always like frosting on cake, sweet tasty perfection.


  3. It’s at least half attitude, so any article of clothing can work if the woman is working it. But if you don’t know a woman, particularly if you have only a picture, then a few clothes are better than none.

    I’d say that the more you know a woman, the less the clothes matter and the more that it’s how you feel about her or how she makes you feel that counts. Then, of course, sexy doesn’t depend on the clothes.

    And the older you get, the more you look past the clothes.


  4. Definitely depends on the clothes I think. Many times the sexiest woman is not wearing the skimpy outfit but a very sensual outfit revealing just enough and accentuating all the right parts. Naked it is hard to accentuate anything….unless you have a perfect body. I also think it depends on the eye of the beholder. My wife is the sexiest person in the world…dressed or undressed…..:-)


  5. Hmmm…. naked in unexpected places is always hot. Clothes depends on the attitude of the wearer. A good sweater can make me, well, sweat if worn solo. Jeans…sigh…are just lovely…. I agree with the mystery aspect of clothing comment, but the brash vulnerability of nakedidity my my pulse do the twist…


  6. For me no doubt clothes on! Much depends on the woman, naked or clothed. But even a naked woman is more attractive when she is hiding something 😉 A woman who may not be attractive naked (never seen this but I suppose it could happen) can change that by what she wears.

    I contrast my statements with this, a poorly clothed woman can look worse because of the clothes if they bond or sag or fit in an unattractive way.

    And finally a sexy woman fully clothed can still draw my full attention. A sexy woman in sweats, or a pair of jeans and a button down blouse can still turn heads! … Much depends on the woman.

    My Catnip braless in jeans and a hoodie…… Ding ding ding!!!


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